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1, wallpaper basic common sense: wallpaper is a new type of indoor wall decoration materials, the color is a rich, strong piece of fabric, pattern rich, green, decorative effects elegant and superior, that distinguishes it from the other wall decoration materials.
2, wallpaper Category: paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, nonwoven paper, fabric wallpaper, Burkina Faso wallpaper, gold and platinum wallpaper special wallpaper.
3, common logo wallpaper:

Special washing

Have adhesive

Can scratch

Free Stitching

Resistance glare

Direct Stitching


Stitching dislocation

May spalling

Alternative splicing to change

International environmental quality wallpaper



4.Construction wallpaper steps

①、Handling on the wall


Next repair Ping: If the walls are joints, the need to fill with putty joints, joints with putty to fill by adding more (vinyl acetate resin), awarded after a good-repair, and then brush on the basement membrane, 10% after stickers wallpaper film, like gypsum board, plywood, and fine wood walls are needed to fill slit awarded Ping;


The award-grievance: relatively flat walls, use putty-grant awarded by putty-only need a small amount of can join, then brush on the basement membrane stickers wallpaper, cement walls, brick walls and other grievances need putty approved Ping;


Dust to: walls, if not solid powder or dust exists, should sanding removed, the entire basement membrane, can only stickers wallpaper, lime wall is necessary to have such;


Sanding: not too smooth walls absorb glue and difficult to dry, and then force will decline, only sanding before stickers wallpaper, paint and paint the walls as needed sanding;


The basement membrane (or varnish Tu): basement membrane can be formed between the wall and the wallpaper protective film, both solid protection walls, and prevent moisture, salt, alkali corrosion penetration wallpaper, the product itself also has anti - mildew function , and decorating materials can be effectively protected from Streptomyces erosion;

②、Use wallpaper glue on the preparation:


Water components: general from wallpaper glue and mixture of powder, viscosity appropriate, easy can. Viscosity adjusted by the number of Canadian water, wallpaper is the natural starch powder,is synthetic resin (vinyl acetate resin), in order to ensure good wallpaper paste effect, and often different according to different wallpaper accession of;


Burkina Faso relatively thick plastic cloth, glue preparation than other wallpaper stiffness, 15 ounces below Wall powder used and modulation on the trip, 15 ounces more products available special glue, glue per kg can be dedicated Construction 5 square rice, the direct use of roller to walls and back can be;


Glue the preparation of reference: one packet of wallpaper powder, add water four liters, stirring into glue, can join the White Mucilage

Paper wallpaper glue surface (paper-based) wallpaper

Wallpaper powder: white mortar bag
(160g) :1LP(400g)

Thick plastic surface (paper-based) wallpaper nonwoven surface wallpaper gold foil wallpaper

Wallpaper powder: white mortar bag
(160g) :2LP(800g)

Burkina Faso fire natural facial plastic woven yarn and knitting class

Wallpaper powder: white mortar bag
(160g) :3~4LP

③、Short scraper and brush use:


After the wallpaper glue to affix the wall, we must, out of the bubble.


tools: a. plastic scraper B. width of short brush.


General plastic surface compared washable wallpaper, it can be used "plastic scraper" gently surface, rush-Bubble, a small amount of glue if expelled from excess surface should immediately wipe clean with a damp sponge, scraper should not be too forced, or else printing easily scratched the surface causing bleaching, reflective, such as joints obvious shortcomings.


Luxury textiles surface vulnerable to injury, can only use short brush lightly brush-ping, and to the plastic amount must not be driven out of glue joints, pollution surface, otherwise not be able to handle.


Paper wallpaper very can only be used short brush, glue surface should be avoided, if not carefully surface should immediately wipe clean. After drying glue otherwise unable to remove, but will also cause color shortcomings.


Construction of any wallpaper, should not be soiled wallpaper glue surface, is the most perfect construction process.

Pre-construction wall brush basement membrane three advantages
a、Easy wallpaper after replacement!
b、Promotion waterproof, anti - mildew effect!
c、Acid-base material in the wall of exudative!

5, the wall wallpaper product performance characteristics

①, green: security using high-quality natural materials, wood pulp paper, water-based ink, all non - formaldehyde products, cleaners, glass fibers and heavy metal elements, non-toxic, and the bulk of raw material can be decomposed, a cycle of recycling.

②, decorative good effect: each section of the wall wallpaper designed by the designers, exquisite designs, color purity, texture rich, strong sense of three-dimensional.

③, anti - mildew biocontrol: gold wallpaper wall of acid containing non-toxic, biodegradable biological compounds to prevent fungi, mold type of biological growth.

④ and maintain ventilation: the surface coating of paper and feathers are the same as the mesh body with waterproof and height of the respiratory force.

⑤ Fade in color not easily:Printing all of the printing ink comes from American home raw material, the strict aging experiment of the color process.

⑥, sound-absorbing good effect: gold wallpaper wall surface texture and to have an effective voice on the slow reflection and thus greatly reduce the voice of energy.

⑦, washing can rub: Surface physique PVC waterproof coating of a very good (most pollutants can scrub / brushing).

⑧, crack resistance:-coated paper and have better strength and a better anti-cracking performance.

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