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Address: Shaoxing County, Zhejiang clothing characteristics of water-industrial park
Tel: 0575-85730668 85730008 85730665 85730666 85730667 85730131
Fax: 0575-85730132 85730666
Zip Code: 312050
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SHAO XING GOLD WALLPAPER.CO.,LTD is a professional wallpaper manufacturers, in historical and cultural relics, the textile capital of Shaoxing City, adjacent to the Xiaoshan International Airport, transport logistics convenient. The company has advanced wallpaper production lines, first-class design research personnel, using environmentally friendly water-based ink, the United States, major producers of PVC plastic surface wallpaper, non-woven fabrics and special technology wallpaper. Companies marketing network all over the country and Hong Kong and Macao regions, and further the international market, domestic wallpaper with a certain scale of production, marketing enterprises. Since its inception, the spirit of "being honest and trustworthy, scientific and technological innovation, service first" business philosophy, and relentlessly to the first-class quality, first-class service to meet customer demand, won the broad support of consumers and dealers and authorized. The wall fervent hope that further cooperation with the industry people for a better future.


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