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Address: Shaoxing County, Zhejiang clothing characteristics of water-industrial park
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Fax: 0575-85730132 85730666
Zip Code: 312050
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Very happy to be here and you know, welcome you valuable time out of the wall to visit the company's Web site. Here, I would like to express my sincere respects to you and sincere thanks!
Shaoxing the wall wallpaper Ltd. Since its inception, always adhere to market-oriented, constantly readjust and optimize the product mix, and constantly develop new varieties, continuously improve its product content of culture and taste,
Insisted that "honest and trustworthy, scientific and technological innovation, service-oriented" business philosophy, and strengthen enterprise scale, and enhance their core competitiveness, in a bid to in the shortest possible time and create the best brands, to provide customers were most satisfied with the service.
We are deeply aware that the wall's development is inseparable from the vast number of consumers to join and support, love, care, encouragement and encouragement. Joining the vast number of consumers and the demand is our bounden mission and the driving force for development. To this end, we introduced advanced version sets pressure on production lines, working to usher in, and creating a number of outstanding research and development, production and management team. On this basis, the company has developed a favorite among the broad consumer aqueous ink, the United States environmental protection products and ongoing dedication worth looking forward to more products.
In the course of the development of enterprises, we vigorously promote the "quality-based, development, the market for life and service as a fundamental" development concept. Uphold the exquisite service, exceed customer expectations, to be the largest customer trust.
We adhere to standardize their operations, and emphasis on joining and social responsibility. And by joining and consumers in general and teamwork to implement delicate operation, and create an excellent operating performance, and service to join benefit of the community.

Welcome to your inquiries, and visit companies in person at the wall guidance. Sincerely welcome your customers become the wall of a new family. We are willing to work side by side with you, for a better future!


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